I was pleased to see a longtime friend, Jason Perlow, featured in a NY Times article today on food bloggers and their struggles with weight (Jason chronicles his ongoing quest for healthy dining that still tastes great over at Off The Broiler).

I wasn’t so pleased to see a related piece over at MSNBC about the many ways “junk food dieters” attempt to lose weight and still eat what they want. In this form of dieting,

low-calorie is good; no-calorie is better — even if the food contains more chemicals than a can of hair spray. … Many believe ingesting a few artificial ingredients is a small price to pay for being able to eat the things they love while staying as thin as a Pringle.

What a crock.

It’s not brain surgery, folks. Diets do not work. Eating chemical-filled crap doesn’t make you healthy. And despite what people like Steven Shaw think, if you’re obese, you’re going to suffer the effects sooner or later.

What does work is very simple: Everything in moderation. Eat real food and balance the fatty stuff with healthy stuff.

Why is that so hard to do?